Be Truthful with Everyone

No matter the case be 100% truthful. The truth does hurt sometimes, but if the truth hurts when you hear it coming from someone else you know you have to change. And most people fear change because they were taught to avoid it. But avoiding it is the problem.  There is no point in lying to someone to cover up their mistakes. Or even anyone else’s. When we make a mistake we want it to be know so we can fix the problem. Never hide the truth under a lie. Fix the problem completely before it gets out of hand. When you always tell the truth your not hiding from your problems and you can openly admit to it and then see the bigger picture and who it affected rather than trying to hide from the reality. Lies may seem so small to you but they are way more complicated when you actually think about them. Most people are so stuck in their ways and won’t see how one lie can hurt someone. When you lie your placing the blame on someone else that didn’t really do it. You fear getting talked about and being made fun of but yet you passed it along to someone else. Why not just admit to what you have done, your in control of your life and you made the decision so know you would use that to fix the problem not create a bigger mess for yourself. Lying to protect yourself shows how much you could care less about the people around you. Rumors? Thats how they begin.  When hearing rumors that are not true about yourself, how do you feel? I know I feel horrible and get in a down mood even though I know they aren’t true. The point is why take someone else down with you for a mistake they never made? I know if I see someone hurting I try to talk to them because I know how it feels. You too should know how lying can hurt someone. Why would you want to intentionally hurt someone? When you face problems for yourself you can figure out ways to cope with life’s obstacles and share them with people that are hurting. Dont you wish you had someone when you were at your lowest point? If we would all stop trying to be better than one another and just step back and see the bigger picture and take fault for our own mistakes and had a little more control over our actions.  We would live in a world of amazing people. But we don’t live in a perfect world as some would say. Well then why not create that perfect world for yourself? Your in control of everything you do good or bad.  Making that little perfect world is actually quite easy if you have a heart. But not only one person can make this change we all need to work together to make this world a place we all enjoy.   You have to understand that everyone has feelings just like you. Everyone has there own battles their fighting. And if we get to know each other truthfully we could apply what we have learned in life already to help eachother out. I can assure if you did this even once a week you would feel amazing about yourself.  If you see someone hurting why not help? If you were in that position you’d want someone to help you.It may seem so small to you but it’s huge for them. Be those very few people left in the world with a good heart. During life you learn valuable lessons, pass it on to other people that need the help. I rather me go through the pain than to see someone hurt for the same reason. It’s the little things that we often don’t think will hurt someone like lying and placing blame on someone else. But it really does if you ever find yourself questioning if someone needs a little help put yourself in their shoes and see if you’d want someone to help you. If everyone stepped out of their comfort zone for a day and got to know someone for who they truly are inside and out. We would see a huge change in everyones attitudes. Always being willing to help others. You start making the change you want to see in the world. Who knows maybe a chain reaction would start.