Accept the Difference’s in life

One thing in life people have a very hard time with is accepting the differences between one another. And I just can’t seem to understand why. Difference’s between one another I see as a learning experience. Why not see someone else’s perspectives on life? Maybe you could learn something new and see how different we all really are. Difference’s are not what set us apart from one another. We set each other apart because everyone is going to stick to the “norm” and not go out of thier comfort zone to talk with someone. It’s very sad but true. It only takes one person to change that. Could that be you? It sure could always live life for personal fulfillment and always be open minded. When you begin to see how different the world is outside your “norm” you get a since of adventure and you become eager to learn about the new things in life you never knew about. It’s crazy thinking about how many people are truly sheltered. There is so much to learn about the world and the diffrent people but everyone is so uncomfortable to step out into to the unknown. When you have the courage to make the decision to break from your normal routine, do it. You have so much to learn about. Seeing life in a different perspective really opens your eyes. You then begin to understand more and see why people think differently. Acceppting the differences between one another is the first thing you want to do. But before you go and tell them they are wrong for thinking that way, let them explain why they see things diffrently. And you’ll be amazed, its crazy how much you don’t know because you were so content in conforming with society you didn’t know the difference. The difference between all people is what keep us apart. Why not learn the differences between one another and use it to benefit from. You could learn so much. Step out of you comfort zone and your life changes. Changes for the better you are able to understand things you never even knew about. Stop letting differences between us and just take the time to understand everyone instead of walking pass them everyday. It’s your life leave your mark on it. When you understand that coming out of your shell benefits you tremendously not only spiritually making you feel good about life. But also breaking out of your comfort zone you feel like an entirely different person. And meetting life long friends that actually know why we differ from one amoth but accepting the fact because of the complete opposite life styles and we understand fully why they feel the way they do. Life is truly amazing. Sadly most people will never know what it’s like to gain the self confidence and the friendships you gain from everyone outside the world you got stuck in because people are always worrying about everyone else and being accepted . Go accept the differences between us, and step out of your comfort zone for even a hour. I promise you won’t regret it. You’ll have such a broad outlook on life. You never really know how great it is until you experience it first hand because you always just did the same thing every day. Stop conforming to society, and live for you self.