Sometimes the truth hurts but this can be beneficial. 

When the truth finally came out in a lie you told, and it hurt to hear. You need question why it hurt. Figuring out why it did, you can benefit from. No one likes to hurt so we tend to change our way of doing something so we can prevent hurting in the future. Just as if you laid your hand down on a hot stove top. You will learn instantly never to touch it again while on. Use this hurt about the truth to urge yourself not to lie. When you lie you try to cover up something that you did and want kept a secret. But think back to when you did it, you had the choice to do what you wanted. What if you chose not to do it because you had already thought of the positive and negative impacts it could have? You probably never even thought that far ahead because it didn’t hurt at first. When you hurt for any reason understand the mistake you made so you don’t consider doing it again in the future. 


One thought on “Sometimes the truth hurts but this can be beneficial. 

  1. Lesson is clear and well written. Sometimes Life lesson is learned in a hard way. When I was in a classroom, I shared with other teachers that if all the moms do their moms’ job, teachers don’t have to be teachers and moms. I missed the kids though when I went into administration for 10 years before I retired.


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