Always have consideration for others. 

When we lack to consider someone’s differences we can be known as selfish. Being selfish leads you too only see what you want for your own personal satisfaction. This is not okay. We become so numb to others feelings we begin to loose people around us. You may be benefiting from this short-term but what about long-term? The decisions you make today no matter what they are do have a impact on your future. Make changes to your life and be open to suggestions. You have to accept that your not the only person on this planet. You have feelings too just like anyone of us. People are going to treat you how you treat them. Treat people with dignity and respect and you will receive it. We all earn to be treated equal. You have choices you need to make throughout life. But always remember to treat everyone equally. Let the selfishness go and see the difference in life, we only live once.


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