Inspiration is more complex than you may have thought 

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something​. Wow! This happens to all of us everyday. Without us even knowing sometimes. Our whole life we have been told what to do and how to think, rather you can accept this or not it’s true. But now is the time to go against this. Rewire your brain the way you want to think. Your brain is truly amazing and you can train it to do a lot of different things. Your brain is full of things you learned from a young age. It all started at birth, you started learning the basics of life from everyone around you. You looked up to other people usually your guardians to learn the way of life. Why now do you think it’s so important to set an example for younger people around you? But remember everyone is different and thinks differently. This is why it’s so important to be open to change your lifestyle the way you’d like. Inspire people from your beliefs and let them inspire you too. Not everyone will agree on everything because of all the different beliefs within on another but be open minded and ask questions. Once you have a understanding of this you can either be inspired to think in the way they do. Or you can inspire them to see it in the way you do. They may love your inspiration. But again remember they might not agree with you accept this because they are living the way they’d like too. At least you can say you tried and move on. Just like yourself you learn what works for you and you do it. Inspire people to be different and think outside the box. Inspiration in life is so valuable. Again inspire people and be inspired. 


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